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Gomde UK Tibetan Buddhist Centre - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

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Gomde UK Tibetan Buddhist Centre

Welcome to Gomde Lindholme Hall, an international centre for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the UK and a national centre for the development of environmental Buddhism.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche 21 - 27 August 2019 
We are delighted to announce that Rinpoche will visit Gomde UK this year.

For more information and to register

New Teaching Programme for 2019. 

Wonderful opportunities to study, reflect and meditate; to be kind, calm and clear.

3 - 6 May Bank Holiday Weekend Andy Weber - Dharma Without Words
Modern Master of Tibetan Art; Iconography, Painting, Mantra and Meditation
More information and to register

17 - 19 May The Door to Boundless Healing - Self Healing Through Visualisation, Relaxation and Re-orientation
Lama Bruce Newman
More information and to register

31 May - 2 June and 4 - 11 June A Brilliant Sun - Stages of Practice of the Bodhisattvacaryavatara by Patrul Rinpoche
Tokpa Tulku
More information to follow shortly. Registration open soon

21- 27 August
Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche Seminar

More Information and to Register

20 - 22 September Vajrakilaya Retreat
Lama Oser will lead this retreat providing authentic guidance instructions on ritual, mantra and mudra.
More information to follow

4 - 6 October Andreas Doctor - A Weekend with the Buddha
Following the life of the Buddha we explore key ideas of the Buddha´s teachings.
More information to follow

11- 13 October Kate Roddick: The Ancient Art of Healing within Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda
Our tip top healer. Come for a week end of practical insights, relaxation and fun.
More information and to register

We look forward to welcoming you here in the very near future.

Weekly meditation and study group  

We have resumed our weekly meetings for 2019. Every Tuesday evening from  7- 8.30 pm. Tea and biscuits served at 6.30pm.
Any queries please contact 

We need volunteers!
Do you have skills, enthusiasm or energy? Become a volunteer at Gomde UK   

New Options for Retreatants and Serious Practitioners

We are now using the Hall exclusively for retreatants and those who wish to devote more time to practice. Would you like to spend more time practising in a comfortable, supported environment? This may be just what you are looking for. Retired practitioners are welcome! More information


Words from our Spiritual Director, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche:
 "There are many types of philosophy, truth - seeking positions about what is. Buddhist philosophy has one special quality; that the awakened state is within, and we are in a state of readiness; it is ready to be discovered. It is said in a scripture, “All sentient beings are buddhas, but they are covered by temporary obscurations”. Every sentient being has as their nature original wakefulness – what in the general teachings is called buddha nature. Because of possessing this original mind, the buddha potential, everyone can become enlightened. Everyone is allowed to be a buddha; everyone has that ability, that readiness. From ´Indisputable Truth´: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche