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Gomde UK Tibetan Buddhist Centre

An international centre for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the UK
A national centre for the development of environmental Buddhism. 
Lindholme Hall is situated in the centre of Lindholme Island, a 180 acre estate which lies in the heart of the Hatfield Moor National Nature reserve.  This creates a perfect environment for study, reflection and meditation; a refuge for contemplation away from the business of everyday life. It also offers extensive opportunities for the practice of environmental Buddhism.

Further detailed event inforamtion can be located under ´Seminar and Retreats´.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche: Annual Seminar 24 June - 29 June 2015

An Island of Jewels: Introduction to Tara´s Triple Excellence and Mahamudra Pith Instructions
including Day long Ngakso Puja Friday 26th June  


Arrives 12 June
1st Teaching Saturday 13 June 2-4.30pm


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 "There are many types of philosophy, truth - seeking positions about what is. Buddhist philosophy has one special quality; that the awakened state is within, and we are in a state of readiness; it is ready to be discovered. It is said in a scripture, “All sentient beings are buddhas, but they are covered by temporary obscurations”. Every sentient being has as their nature original wakefulness – what in the general teachings is called buddha nature. Because of possessing this original mind, the buddha potential, everyone can become enlightened. Everyone is allowed to be a buddha; everyone has that ability, that readiness.

From ´Indisputable Truth´: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche



Understand that, briefly stated,
Bodhichitta has two aspects,
The mind aspiring to awaken
And Bodhichitta that´s enacted

Just as one understands the difference
Between wishing to go and setting out upon the journey,
The wise should understand these two,
Recognising the difference and their order.

Bodhicitta in aspiration brings about great results,
Even as we continue to circle about in samsara:
Yet it does not bring about a ceaseless stream of merit,
For that will come solely from active Bodhichitta.

From the moment we genuinely take up
This irreversible attitude-
The mind that aspires to liberate entirely
The infinite realm of beings,

From then on, even while asleep,
Or during moments of inattention,
A plentiful, unceasing force of merit
Will arise, equal to the vastness of the sky.

The Brightly Shining Sun.v15-19 Patrul Rinpoche