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Kora Walk - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Kora Walk

Kora WALK and ´Kinship of Faiths´ Prayers

14th september, 2019

Join us for our annual Kora Walk of the Lindholme Island and the Kinship of Faith Prayers.


The Kora Walk is a 12 hour relay walk around Lndholme Island. Kora, to walk mindfully around a sacred object, is thought by Buddhists to be a form of meditation and a particularly virtuous activity which benefits the individual, the area and the wider community. One complete Kora of the Island takes approximately 1 hour. We invite poeple to come and walk for as long as they wish - may it be 1 hour or 12 hours! And - we also have lots of shorter routes! - we would love people to come and join in in whatever way they can! 

This is an annual event, which makes links with the wider faith communities, make new friends and helps to sustain our centre.



´Kinship of Faiths´ Prayers

Every year within the Kora Walk we hold a small interfaith gathering, the ´Kinship of Faiths’ Prayers, making aspirations for true dialogue and a peaceful, co-operative and harmonious future together; locally, nationally and internationally.

Both the Kora Walk and Kinship of Faiths are hosted by our monk Lama Oser, joined by local faith leaders.




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