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Gomde Lindholme Hall - Introduction - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Gomde Lindholme Hall - Introduction

The Buddha’s teachings are vast and profound. The instructions of the Buddha have been upheld in an unbroken lineage of practitioners who, by taking his teachings of wisdom and compassion to heart, liberated their being and attained enlightenment.


´Rangjung Yeshe UK´ is registered  with the English Charities Commission: registered charity number 1132050.  The purpose of Rangjung Yeshe UK is to help anyone who is interested in Buddhism to gain insight and understanding of the teachings of the Buddha and realised masters of Vajrayana Buddhism, particularly the Chokling Tersar lineage.  Our spriritual Director is Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. Click here for more information.

Gomde, Lindholme Hall, Buddhist Centre, is a private 180 acre estate, which was purchased by Rangjung Yeshe UK in November 2009.  We seek to support existing Buddhist practitioners, old and new, as well as those who would like to find out about Buddhist philosophy and practice. We provide space for practice and work retreat, to practice together, listen to teachings and read and share discussions. We also host seminars and teachings from the masters of the lineage and senior monks and nuns.

We have a small resident group living at Gomde year round. During the summer months Lama Oser, a senior monk from the Ka Nying Shedrup Ling monastery, is resident here; leading retreats, our regular practice and our meditation study group. 

The community has daily morning and evening practice. Gomde is available for private supported retreat, work retreats and seminars. We also have a weekly meditation/study group and a monthly teaching/meditation day. See Activities. We also welcome visitors please ring beforehand and we can make sure someone is available to show you around.

Lindholme Hall

There are a number practice/study groups in UK and a Centre in Scotland all linked to Gomde Lindholme Hall. Please visit the UK Meditation Centres & Groups page for further information.

New people are always welcome - if you are interested in any of our activities please feel free to contact us

The Beginnings

Rangjng Yeshe UK was established in a rather quiet and unassuming way, after visits to the UK from Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Phakchok Rinpoche. Our beginnings were small, with study and meditation groups in the ´south´ and ´north´ of England. We also hosted twice yearly practice weekends which were blessed with great harmony and a real sense of sangha family.

In July 2009, during the annual seminar in Gomde, Denmark, the UK sangha formally asked Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche about our future direction.  We were surprised, but overjoyed, when Rinpoche was extremely positive about the creation of a centre in England. Rinpoche gave his blessing, saying “now is the time to search and have” a centre in England which should be beautiful, remote, secluded with a house and buildings.

We left Denmark on 8th July 2009 and, as Rinpoche said he would like photos of possible sites, as soon as possible, we started the search upon our return. We imagined, that finding easily accessible, remote, beautiful land with a house in England would be extremely difficult and take many months of searching. However, just 12 days later, thanks only we feel  to Rinpoche´s blessings, we were able to find a truly wonderful place; the LINDHOLME HALL ESTATE.

Upon receiving the details about Lindholme Hall Estate, Rinpoche described Lindholme Hall as “a Jewel” and said “I feel it is not possible to find something superior to this place”.


The purchase of Lindholme Hall was agreed on an extremely auspicious day - 22nd July 2009 - the day of the total solar eclipse and a new moon day. Rinpoche said that as the eclipse moves away from the sun there is a special opportunity for reaching accomplishment within one´s practice and Manjushri in particular. Rinpoche added that as the darkness vanishes the light becomes brighter and brighter.
The House, Meditation Hall and Gardens

The Hall is distinguished and beautiful, with a formal garden with mature monkey puzzle trees and views to the south over the estate. There is an orchard and walled vegetable garden.

To the north east of Lindholme Hall, we have a beautiful meditation hall, with a beautiful oak floor which comfortably seats up to 120 people. The hall is graced by a large, beautiful, gilded statue of the Buddha and Thankas (traditional scroll paintings), arranged around the Hall which depict the Buddha´s life story.

The Meditation Hall was transformed from one of the outbuildings with a handful of volunteers and very little resources; after the completion of works, when first entering the meditation hall in September 2010,  Rinpoche commented ´this is a miracle´.


There is archaeological evidence of human presence on Lindholme Island dating back thousands of years.
In  2010, Dr. Buckland was carrying out some research on the land and found a knapped flint which has been dated at approximately 16,000 years old.

A local amateur historian, Mr Oliver, discovered a 5,000 year old wooden track way buried in the peatland to the north of the island. It is one of only four such track ways to have been found in Europe.

There is evidence to suggest Lindholme Island was the location of a chapel in ancient times.

Records also indicate that in the 15th century the island was used as a hermitage.

The beauty, seclusion and vastness of the land and the scope of the buildings make Lindholme Hall a perfect place for practice and study of the Buddha Dharma for now and many future generations. As Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche said of Gomde, Lindholme Hall:  "Many will achieve realisation here."

For information about the the Nature Reserve visit or The Thorne and Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum

Rinpoche on the Land
prayer flags
Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche teaching
Rinpoche visit 2011